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Q: How soon before my event should I schedule my Fresh Rose Petals to arrive?
A: For fresh rose petals we recommend delivery 2-3 days before the event. (Wednesday or Thursday delivery for a Saturday wedding)

Q: How soon before my event should I schedule my Freeze dried Rose Petals to arrive?
A: Freeze dried rose petals can last up to many months, we recommend a delivery 2-3 weeks before your event.

Q: Is it possible to order fresh rose petals samples?
A: Due to the nature of our farm-direct fresh rose petal program we are unable to send out samples of our products.

Q: Do you ship your fresh rose petals also to Canada, Hawaii or Alaska?
A: Yes we do! There is an extra $45 per box surcharge. Please place your order online and this fee will be added to your
order total at the time your order is being processed. (the charge will not show up in our online checkout process). Unfortunately we do not ship our fresh rose petals outside of the United States or Canada.

Q: Do you ship your Freeze Dried Rose Petals worldwide?
A:Yes, we can ship freeze dried rose petal orders to most worldwide destinations. Please contact us about additional shipping charges for overseas shipments (we will need to calculate shipping cost for all locations outside the continental U.S.A.). Please provide the following information in your email: How many freeze dried petals you like to order, what color and your shipping address.

Q: I can soften the freeze dried rose petals so they are like fresh again
A: While they will not become as soft as a fresh petal, they can reabsorb moisture and become slightly softer and more pliable. The easiest way to soften the petals is to place them in a bathroom while taking a shower. This can sometimes brighten the color of darker petals. To some degree, the longer the freeze dried rose petals are exposed to the moisture, the softer they will get. However, too much moisture can damage the petals. Remember, they have gone through a complicated process just to get them dry. If the humidity in the air is normal or high, this procedure can be done within a few days before the event to achieve your desired effect. If the air is dry, the petals may not soften or will quickly dry out again. For most uses, such as table decoration and aisles, softening is not necessary.

Q: I can float freeze dried rose petals in water?
A: Freeze dried rose petals do not do well in water. While they will float, they will quickly reabsorb water. When this happens, they will discolor and lose their shape. You will soon be left with soggy, shapeless petals.

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If you would like to speak directly to one of our customer or sales representatives please call us at: 1-800-276-7959
Customer Service is available Monday – Friday: 9am – 4pm PST.


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